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Workshop Services

Chassis Services

Prolinx has been improving ride & handling characteristics and winning races for two decades and can list numerous champions as clients.

We work with a "keep it simple" approach, it is alway useful to check the existing installation parameters and ensure the vehicle is working within them, sometimes dramatic improvements come from very small changes.

If neccessary we will change spring rates to achieve the desired wheel frequency for the application then revalve the shocks to the correct bump/rebound ratio and overall damping level for the weight of vehicle.

We also take in consideration the damping slope (progressive/digressive) to achieve the best compromise between ride, traction and handling.

As neccessary we also calculate anti roll bar rates and advise on changes and supply new items.

We make changes to the suspension specifications to optimise and enhance the vehicle, making it neutral handling and easy to drive whilst providing the correct amount of traction to keep the engine within it’s operating envelope.

If needed, we can also help advise on future developments for the chassis (gearing changes, weight distribution, etc) to extract the best performance from the chassis, engine and driver.

Whatever your needs we are here to help you win.