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Fox 2.5 Series Airshock Rebuild Kit (Seal Kit)
Part Number: 803-00-222-A
Rebuild kit. 2.5 series, 1.625" shaft

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Description - Kit Rebuild: 2.5 Series Airshock
[Ø1.6250" Shaft)

Contains all the seals needed to rebuild any Ø2.0 Series  Fox Airshock.

Suitable for:-

Ø2.5 Airshock & Hydraulic Bumpstop .



Technical Specifications

Kit Contains:-

Qty(1) 1.625" Shaft - Urethane Wiper Seal 

Qty1) 1.625" Shaft - U-Cup Seal

Qty(1) 1.625" Shaft O-Ring

Qty(1) Outer Seal Bearing O-Ring