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Fox 8.0 x 2.0 Coil-over Piggyback 5/8" Shaft RC2 3-way DSC Adjustable
Part Number: 984-02-095
Fox 8.0 x Ø2.0 Coil-over Piggyback 5/8" Shaft RC2 3-way DSC Adjustable

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Huge performance. Competitively priced. The 2.0 PODIUM RC2 provides consistent 3-way adjustable, heavy-duty, fade-free damping performance.

Built to Prolinx requirements for UK Autograss racing this lightweight versatile alloy bodied shock can fulfill mutliple different roles, including Autograss, Autocross, Rallying, Off Road Racing & UTV prototypes.


Dual Speed Compression (DSC)

With DSC, you can adjust the shock's high and low-speed compression damping by simply turning the external adjusters. DSC allows you to maximize small bump compliance and traction while still having the extra damping required for big hits.

LSC Adjustment Range

The Low Speed Compression (LSC) adjuster primarily affects compression damping during slow suspension movements such as G-outs or smooth jump landings. It also affects wheel traction and the harshness or plushness of the vehicle (note that low-speed has nothing to do with the speed of the vehicle). Choose an LSC setting that gives good body control without causing excessive harshness or loss of traction.

HSC Adjustment Range

The High Speed Compression (HSC) adjuster mainly affects compression damping during medium to fast suspension movements such as steep jump faces, harsh flat landings and aggressive whoops. The goal is to run as little high-speed compression damping as possible without bottoming.


Rebound Damping

Rebound damping controls the rate at which the shock returns after it has been compressed. The proper rebound setting is a personal preference, and changes with rider weight, riding style and conditions.

A rule of thumb is that rebound should be as fast as possible without kicking back or feeling bouncy. For slower rebound, turn the rebound adjuster knob clockwise. For faster rebound, turn the rebound adjuster knob counter-clockwise.

Anti Wallow Control (AWC) is fitted as standard to this shock.

Technical Specifications


  • Open Length 22.75"
  • Closed Length 14.75"`
  • Reservoir 2.0" Dia. x 5" Long
  • Mounts 1/2" Bolt Dia. 1.25" Tab Width (spacers included)


  • Smooth-bore, honed seamless 6061 alloy bodies, Grey Anodised


  • Black anodized 6061-T6 billet Aluminum

Spring Hardware

  • 2.25" ID Spring Hardware


  • 5/8" hard chrome plated steel 

Rebound Adjuster 

Compression Adjuster (DSC)

  • Dual Speed Compression Adjustment (Hi &Lo
  • Anti Wallow Control (AWC)


  • Race-developed high-flow piston design
  • Tunable Bleed Jets and Digressive Valve Stacks


  • Proprietary deburred valve shims


  • Redundant sealing pack system main seal, wiper seal, scraper seal
  • High temperature Viton seals


  • FOX Ultra Extreme race oil formulated for ultimate performance at variable temperatures


  • Piggyback on 360° rotatable bridge for easy fitment in all applications


  • Lined, heat-treated, alloy steel spherical bearings 1/2" bolt x 1 1/4" wide
  • Optional spacers x 1 1/2" wide