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Fox Heim Spherical Bearing: 1/2" ID (-8)

Genuine Fox Ø2.0 Spare Part

Spherical Bearing: Fits all Ø2.0 Shocks

Fits both Eyelets and Bodycaps.

£16.66 (plus VAT)
Fox Heim Spherical Bearing: 5/8" ID (-10)

Genuine Fox Ø2.5 & Ø3.0 Spare Part

Spherical Bearing: Fits all Ø2.5 Shocks and Ø3.0 Bypass Shocks

Fits both Eyelets and Bodycaps.

£25.00 (plus VAT)
Fox Heim Spherical Bearing: 7/8" ID (-14)

Genuine Fox 7/8" replacement spherical bearing


£42.95 (plus VAT)
Fox Piston 2.0 Soft DU Piston Wear Band

Fox Ø2.0 Piston Soft DU Wear Band 

Fox Part # 002-00-000-A

Fitment:- Ø2.0 Main piston and IFP.


£3.00 (plus VAT)
Product Awaiting Stock
Fox Piston 2.0 Hard DU Piston Wear Band

Fox Ø2.0 Piston Hard DU Wear Band 

Fox Part# 002-02-000-B

Fitment:- Ø2.0 Main piston and IFP.


£6.00 (plus VAT)
Fox Piston 2.5 HIgh Temp PEEK Wear Band

Fox Ø2.5 Piston High Temp PEEK Wear Band (Milspec) - Special Internet Only Offer £9.95 each

Fox Part# 002-03-006-A

Fitment:- Ø2.5 Main piston 

Normal price £48.14 each

Surplus from a Military contract - 400º C temp rating

£9.95 (plus VAT)
Bumpstop: 5/8" Shaft, 0.435" Long

Fox Bumpstop 5/8" shaft x 0.435

£3.50 (plus VAT)
Product Awaiting Stock
Bumpstop Pad: 1.25" Shaft, 2.0 Bumpstop

Fox Replacement Bumpstop Pad - Ø2.0 Bumpstop ,1.25" Shaft

£10.95 (plus VAT)
Bumpstop: 7/8" Shaft, 0.600" Long

Bump stop 7/8" shaft x 0.600.

£3.60 (plus VAT)
Bumpstop: 5/8" shaft, 2.30" Long

Soft Foam BASF Bumpstop 2.3" 5/8" shaft

£8.95 (plus VAT)