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Fox Fill Adapter 0-600 Psi

FOX 0-600psi shock pressure gauge, equipped with a no loss air valve to accurately monitor your rebuildable race shocks. A must have for air shocks when pressure is critical.

£75.80 (plus VAT)
Fox 2.0 Aluminium Reservoir Mounting Clamp

Fox Ø2.0 Aluminium Reservoir Mounting Clamp

£44.35 (plus VAT)
Fox 2.0 Bumpstop Mounting Can

Fox Ø2.0 Hydraulic Bumpstop Mounting Can.

£29.95 (plus VAT)
Fox 2.0 Factory Series Bushing Kit

Fox Factory Series Bushing Kit

£12.50 (plus VAT)
Fox 2.0 Performance Series Bushing Kit

Fox Ø2.0 Performance Series Bushing Kit

Note: Please use Factory Series Bushing kits on Land Rover Rear Performance Series.

£12.50 (plus VAT)
Fox 2.0 Performance Series Shaft Guards (pair)

Protect the shock shaft and seals from rocks kicked up by tires. The Roost Shield securely attaches to 2.0 Performance Series IFP and 2.0 Evolution Series IFP shocks. The kit includes a pair of Roost Shields and all mounting hardware.

£19.95 (plus VAT)
Fox 2.0 Series 5/8" Shaft Compression Adjuster

Fox Ø2.0 8-Click Compression Damping Adjuster

Fits into standard Fox Ø2.0 Remote Reservoir.

For use with 5/8" Diameter Shafts only.

7/16" O-ring Boss Thread fitting. 


£96.00 (plus VAT)
Fox 2.0 Spring Preload Wrench

Ø2.0 Series Spring Platform Pre-load Wrench

Laer cut steel - Bright Zinc Plated

£23.40 (plus VAT)
Fox 2.5 Spring Backup Wrench

Ø2.5 Series Spring Platform Backup Wrench

Laser etched anodised Alloy with steel pin.

£39.95 (plus VAT)
Fox 2.5 Spring Preload Wrench

Ø2.5 Series Spring Platform Pre-load Wrench

Lazer etched anodised Alloy with steel pin.

£39.95 (plus VAT)